The DEBUT EP by JUDAS JETSKI is now available!

The not-so-long-awaited release of the debut EP from Judas Jetski is now available! (Whattaya want?  It can’t be long-awaited when it didn’t even exist 3 weeks ago.)  It’s about 15 minutes long, 8 songs total, and is entitled “I Don’t Wanna Go To Camp.”

Judas Jetski is a side project of Andy’s.  The EP consists primarily of tracks written and recorded within one 48 hour period, with contributions by a number of local luminaries, and comes with original artwork by Andy.  It’s available on a pay-what-you-like basis.


About andysmash

North Coast punk-rocker/theologian. A good head for gears and an eye on the far horizon. DIY recording artist and frontman for the Rust Belt Hotrods.
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