We’re Back. Actually, We Never Left.

OK, so it’s been a while since our last update. Sorry.

Andy here, and I’d like to take responsibility for the small lapse in coverage of the exciting events here at Hotrods Central. It’s not that there’s been nothing going on. It’s that there’s been nothing going on that’s visible from the outside.

In the interest of truth and reconciliation, I’d like to acknowledge my personal power struggle with Reality, and its close friend The Internet. Harsh words were exchanged, and feelings were hurt on both sides. And as usual, it’s you, Dear Reader, who suffers the real harm. I apologize for my relentlessness, with sincerity as deep and heartfelt as the situation allows, which admittedly isn’t very deep.

So anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there’s been all sorts of adventure and nerdery-at-large going on. You just haven’t seen it here. Most of this perfectly fine update and blog material has been pissed away on Facebook by Yours Truly, and of this also I repent.

As a token of my sincere repentance, I intended to include a Bulleted List of Things Which May Soon Be Blathered About, but WordPress won’t let me do that. Instead, let me offer tangible evidence that I’m not power-struggling: rather than spending 3 hours trying to find a way to make WordPress do the thing (leading only to my own frustration and future unwillingness to post), I’m instead going to skip the list entirely and let you find a way to bore yourself instead.

See? A page has been turned… a corner has been turned… a new leaf has been turned… and that’s a 270° metaphorical traverse right there! Here’s to new directions, or old directions… or to me spending more time actually communicating stuff and less time just alluding to it on Facebook.

About andysmash

North Coast punk-rocker/theologian. A good head for gears and an eye on the far horizon. DIY recording artist and frontman for the Rust Belt Hotrods.
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