• These Are the Better Days  digital EP–Andy solo, recorded entirely on cassette, August 2016
  • Black Light Black Death digital EP–Andy solo special guests, April 2014
  • It Came From The Basement digital EP recorded live during practice, March 2014
  • AllOne digital EP–Andy solo with special guests, June 2011
  • Rochester Sessions digital EP recorded live at WITR, April 2011
  • North Country Punk LP CD, Jan. 31, 2011
  • Dark Days Revisited digital LP, Jan. 2011.
  • Yellow Eyes EP, 2010.
  • September EP, 2009.
  • Recordare EP, 2009.
  • The Little Drummer Boy EP, Christmas 2008.
  • Dark Days EP, 2006.
  • Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear EP, 2005.
  • Now I Can Die A Happy Man EP, 2003.
  • Four Track Punk four song demo, 2001.


Jan. 2011 saw the release of an enhanced version of Dark Days, appropriately entitled Dark Days Revisited.  This new, full length release contains re-mastered material from earlier efforts and features artwork relevant to the original release of each track.

Many of the earlier releases are in short supply, but we still have one or two copies of most.  If for some strange reason you want the original, hardcopy version of any of these releases, please contact Andy@AndySmash.com.

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