BL:BD Cover2.001At long last, it’s finally here:  the Black Light/Black Death EP.  It’s basically a solo effort, which I wrote and tracked during a tumultuous week in late 2012. The “tumult” included a (literal) tropical storm, so Black Light/Black Death was literally recorded just ahead of rising floodwaters.  I used a combination of old-school microphone technique, analog tape, and vintage gear, using the Velvet Underground’s classic White Light/White Heat as a point of reference.  Further revision produced this completed version.  I did the album art myself; Juni Moon and Michael Lasota  helped out with vocals.  The EP is available for download on our bandcamp page– –which has been totally revised (and looks pretty cool if I do say so myself).  You can audition the EP for free by clicking the “Music” link above (or by clicking here).  Or you can just use the media player below to check out the opening track, “Black Death Girl.”  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  Hope you like it too!


About andysmash

North Coast punk-rocker/theologian. A good head for gears and an eye on the far horizon. DIY recording artist and frontman for the Rust Belt Hotrods.
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